Kamil Uhlir

Kamil is an education enthusiast, who enjoys not only direct training and teaching but also creating course outlines or materials. His experience in this field counts over eight years in five countries, including work with underprivileged communities as well as established professionals.

After graduating in foreign languages for business, he decided to gain international exposure via teaching abroad – first in Asia than in South America. This experience with constant exposure to new environments and mentalities has had a tremendous impact on his perception of the differences among us and being open to new solutions and approaches. At the same time, he realized his passion for education and successfully completed a master’s degree in Adult education and global change at Linköping University.

At the Institute of Pharmacovigilance, Kamil will be hands-on working on the certification process and ensure its smooth delivery as well as trustworthiness.

When not at work, you can see Kamil either doing some sports or teaching English. If you cannot see him, he is probably travelling somewhere around the world, just wandering through the cities, observing, and tasting all kinds of food!