Global Competency Standards

In partenership with International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP), the Institute of Pharmacovigilance is developing competency standards for a wide range of pharmacovigilance roles as well as regions. Each standard defines the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes expected from a specific PV role.
Below, you will find all the currently published competency standards:

Pharmacovigilance Awareness for Healthcare Professionals


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Quality Policy of IPV



Public Consultations

Following documents are currently in the development and we always welcome your comments and input. Please, have a look and submit your comments via email to [email protected] 

Thank you for your contribution to the pharmacovigilance profession!

Stages of Development

Career Framework

Career Framework defines roles and seniority steps in pharmacovigilance profession. This describes our essential understanding of what types of jobs and career ladders are there in the industry, universities, and regulatory authorities, that one can consider for their career development.

Competence Framework

Defines the required knowledge, skills and attitudes expected for the positions defined in the Career Framework. 

This informs all education and training providers, as well as the members of the profession and candidates for certification about what competence they need to achieve to improve what they do and elevate their career.

Professional Certification

Professional Certification is testing competence of candidates against the expectations defined in the first two steps above. Candidates may apply for a certification in particular role and seniority step. They would be required to submit documentation to satisfy admission criteria, then pass the specific test, behavioral interview and oral exam.

Successful candidates will receive the certificate. Certificate holders would be required to ensure they keep their competency current, and potentially subject to regular re-certification, or even better, progress to the certification of the next seniority level.  

Current Workplan


Career Framework

  • Definition of roles and seniority in pharmacovigilance career
  • September 2021 (draft version)
  • Publication in Q3 2022

Competence Framework

  • Definition of required knowledge, skills and attitudes for a role and seniority
  • June 2022 (1st role standard)

Professional Certification

  • Testing Competence of candidates for a particular role and seniority
  • June 2022 - Pilot
  • July 2022 - 1st role standard and seniority certification in production