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In partnership with the International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP), Institute of Pharmacovigilance is developing the Global Pharmacovigilance Professional Certification programme. By defining expected competence for each role and seniority in our profession and testing against them, we shall elevate recognition of our profession, as well as improve professional competence to serve public health, industry and patients better than ever before.


What to expect

The content of the examination process is based on Competency Standards jointly developed by the International Society of Pharmacovigilance Special Interest Group on PV Professional Qualification Framework and the Institute of Pharmacovigilance.

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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply
to all programmes and certifications.


GPPC Components

There are three main components of the Global Pharmacovigilance Professional Certification


The candidate's general and specific knowledge is evaluated via an online, AI proctored multiple-choice test. The content is derived from reference documents, pharmacovigilance regulations and legally binding documents as per their latest versions.


The required skills are tested in a real-life scenario, which presents the candidates with a task they need to address. This part of the certification process allows the candidates to use additional support. The result is decided by regional Examination Board, a committee of established professionals in the respective field.

*Certification for some roles does not include the skill part.


The evaluation of candidate's attitudes is based on a behavioural interview designed to compare them to the ideal attitudes for the given role as identified. The outcome of this evaluation is not meant to strictly judge the candidate based on their match with the model, but rather to present the candidate's individual profile.

*Certification for some roles does not include the attitude part.

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