Virtual Live Training Course

The course is planned to be a workshop aiming to improve data management skills demanded in the modern era with massive amounts of information and new ISO standards for Individual Case Safety Reports. This virtual live training course takes place from 28th to 30th September 2021.

What will you learn?

All the presented topics are related to data management and best practices in the pharmacovigilance industry.

Attendants will learn how to apply those practices in their respective jobs, will also learn the impacts of the new ISO/HL7 27953-2, ICH E2B(R3), acquire skills to find resolution in conflicting guidelines and legislation and will be prepared to use emerging AI tools in pharmacovigilance.

Throughout the three-day course you can attend, for example, lectures on Review of data recording conventions examples, Conflict resolution exercises and Training of an AI machine.

The Institute of Pharmacovigilance will also participate

IPV is also participating with several lectures. Check out the one from IPV Director Dr. Jan Petracek, who will be sharing the best designs and examples of system setups in a session titled Data Flow in Pharmacovigilance systems. This lecture will take place on Day 1 after the welcome.

We recommend another lecture from Dr. Petracek: Defence of your data management practice in front of an inspector/auditor, on Day 3 of the course. This session will cover tricky questions, grey zones in data processing and, of course, how to defend your conventions and validations, and will provide you with examples and exercises.

For more information and registration for the course, please visit the following website.