The Institute of Pharmacovigilance, one of the leaders in the field, has started an important worldwide project to create a Global Pharmacovigilance Professional Certification (GPPC) programme. We have invited everyone involved in pharmacovigilance to share their knowledge and opinions to help set worldwide standards. 

What is the Global Pharmacovigilance Professional Certification?

GPPC will cover standards for all professionals in pharmacovigilance. By defining the standards, pharmacovigilance will have unified rules that will be recognized worldwide and can be relied on by individuals, companies, and regulatory authorities too.

The goal of GPPC is to set standards for around 70 roles identified in the pharmacovigilance profession.

What is the importance of creating a GPPC programme this way?

This project is a way to create worldwide recognized standards derived from real work and situations. 

Thanks to this project, the roles and competencies will be defined by pharmacovigilance professionals, thus setting the real standard in the field. This will improve the entire industry, quality and competence of employees. By improving the competency of the pharmacovigilance profession, we will improve the performance and recognition of the pharmacovigilance discipline.

How can you help and what will you gain?

We would like to ask all the experts from the pharmacovigilance field to join our effort. Everyone can take part and help to create certification standards by providing knowledge and opinions. You will be able to participate, and thus with other professionals create standards for your role in pharmacovigilance.

For further information about how you can get involved, please contact PhD Jana Freeman at who is the Regulatory Intelligence Manager for the Institute of Pharmacovigilance. 

By providing your knowledge and opinions, you will help to elevate the pharmacovigilance field, and depending on your input, your name will be recognized throughout the pharmacovigilance industry and the GPPC programme as well. 
Remember you will be the one setting the standard for candidates in the future.

What is the Institute of Pharmacovigilance?

The Institute of Pharmacovigilance (IPV) is non-profit organisation, and our vision and goal is to improve the world of pharmacovigilance by sharing knowledge and improving surveillance standards. In IPV we believe that by building a solid shared knowledge base, pharmacovigilance will be better able to help patients and companies worldwide.

We are looking forward to all the experts to join us in this project to improve the performance and recognition of the pharmacovigilance discipline.