Dr. Jan Petracek To Explore Module 5 – Signal Management on November 25th and 26th.

Dr. Petracek will be presenting two half day training programs geared specifically at the Signal Management component of drug safety and pharmacovigilance. Knowing how to handle new safety signals after a product’s launch will be part of the topics covered during these two days of training for this joint DIA/MEB Excellence in Pharmacovigilance event. Please find more about the training and how to register at the official website.

Are you ready to advance your Signal Management skills?

Or perhaps you are just interested in watching Dr. Jan Petracek give his ideas and thoughts about current signal management techniques?

Dr. Jan Petracek is an expert in the field of pharmacovigilance and has spent the better part of his life working, training, and mentoring other pharmacovigilance professionals. Being involved in the continual education of all members of the pharmacovigilance world is a responsibility Jan values highly and looks forward to at every opportunity.

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