Jana Freeman

Passion for natural sciences

Jana has always had a passion for the natural sciences, which is evident throughout her studies and her career. She gained her PhD at the Czech University of Life Sciences, where she started to work intensively in applied research. Shortly after, she became Head of the Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry. The responsibilities and research skills further developed in this position assured her future career.

Career path

After working for nearly 8 years in academic research, Jana got an interesting opportunity to work in clinical trials for advanced oncology therapies. She took the chance and moved to this new field. Starting in Pharmacovigilance Administration, she was quickly promoted to the position of Pharmacovigilance Associate, where she could better apply her strong organization skills. Also, more importantly for us, Jana learned about the importance, need and complexity of pharmacovigilance. Since then, Jana is still fascinated and interested in this field and has become a valuable member of our team.

Worldwide responsibility

Thanks to her career and skills, PhD Jana Freeman gained the position of Regulatory Intelligence Manager at the Institute of Pharmacovigilance. In this position, Jana actively works with the pharmacovigilance community worldwide to capture and understand regulatory requirements in different countries.

Jana also supports the development of the Global Pharmacovigilance Professional Certification, which she believes can be very beneficial for all parties involved and can help to elevate the whole pharmacovigilance discipline.

Jana is a key team member for bringing and establishing regulatory intelligence database that helps to improve drug surveillance worldwide.