Milena Buzkova

Rising through the ranks

Milena started her professional career by successfully graduating from the Faculty of Trade. From there, she continued to work in Academia with the Publishing House of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Thanks to her passion for travel, she rose from the position of assistant to Manager of the Foreign and Export Department.

But Milena’s future lay in the pharmaceutical world. She started off her career working with international publishers and in various positions and training in private companies, non-profit organizations, governmental and also as a freelance employee. Milena gained and expanded her expertise in companies such as Czech Donors Forum, Association of Foundations and PharmInvent. In many companies Milena helped in developing the company´s brand. She also worked as Local Office Support in PrimeVigilance and her duties centred around health and safety, QMS support and the integration of quality documents which is really valuable now in IPV.

Work for the Institute of Pharmacovigilance

Milena is a member of the Board of the Institute of Pharmacovigilance since 2016. She is also responsible for preparing the IPV to obtain ISO certification as a Quality Manager. And thanks to her exceptional communication and managerial skills, her previous positions in a multicultural environment, Milena is a valued member of our team.