Tomas Musil

From university to a bright future in management

Tomas studied at two universities: The University of Economics, Prague and LIGS university, Prague both with an emphasis on management. He obtained degrees in economics, management and marketing, which he uses and further develops to this day.

Broad IT/IS and financial experiences

After his studies, Tomas delved into finance, information technologies and systems sector for over 20 years. He started his career as a Y2K tester, configuration manager and C++ developer, but soon moved into the world of finance. There he started in accounting and rose from the position of Financial Controller to Chief Financial Officer. His responsibility revolved around team management, financial reporting, budgeting and project leadership. The skills needed for the job led him ultimately to the world of pharmacovigilance, where he works up to the present day in finance.

Member of the Supervisory Board

Currently, Tomas has a seat on the IPV Supervisory Board as a member. His great insight into finance, budgeting and IT brings valuable opinions to the board and to the whole institute’s team.