What was your first reaction/what thoughts you had, when you have heard about the ISoP Global Pharmacovigilance Professional Certification (GPPC) project?
My thoughts? I instantly knew that I would love to be a part of it. I am very happy and honored that I got the chance to, as I believe that this ambitious project has a real potential to elevate the whole pharmacovigilance discipline when developed well.
 Do you have any goals, you would like to reach within the next few months?
My biggest goal, in the upcoming months, is to establish a network of pharmacovigilance experts that would help us to populate our knowledge management engine providing background information to generate the Q&As used for the certification. This engine will facilitate the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive global repository of pharmacovigilance regulations and specific country pharmacovigilance requirements. 
Is there anything you think people should know about GPPC?
That GPPC is a project where the main idea is to serve the greater good of the pharmacovigilance and pharmacovigilance community. We are open to any relevant feedback. And contributions – whether from the pharmacovigilance community, including individual pharmacovigilance professionals, national regulatory authorities, academia as well as pharma companies, are welcome and hugely appreciated.

Is there any way that professionals with PV backgrounds could contribute to the project?
Many! Some of them are remunerated, some of them are on a volunteer basis, the only decisive factor is a willingness to participate and contribute.

About Jana Freeman, PhD
Jana actively works with the pharmacovigilance community worldwide to capture and understand regulatory requirements in different countries.
Jana is a key team member for bringing and establishing a regulatory intelligence database that helps to improve drug surveillance worldwide.
For all who might be interested in such cooperation, please get in touch by contacting us on info@pharmacovigilance.instiute
We will be happy to contact you back and discuss your involvement in the project.