The world of pharmacovigilance is still expanding and searching for ways to help patients. Pharmacovigilance workers around the world share knowledge and information to improve each other, helping each other with various problems and challenges.
For this purpose, the Pharmacovigilance Special Training programme was created and The International Society of Pharmacovigilance will hold 8th session of the event in an online format on October 19. - 21.10.

“Monitoring the safety of medicines in special populations” will also bring into discussion an agenda for the implementation of ICH guidelines and GVP in China, experience from various regulatory authorities, and will try to help create a safe international space to exchange and enhance pharmacovigilance knowledge.

The Institute of Pharmacovigilance will also attend the programme

Our CEO, Dr. Jan Petráček, will also deliver a presentation called “The Pharmacovigilance Certification Process”, developed in collaboration with ISoP.

The Global Pharmacovigilance Professional Certification programme (GPPC) is a great tool to show, highlight and verify the quality of pharmacovigilance work between companies for the improvement of pharmacovigilance visibility to the general public.

Dr. Jan Petráček will deliver his speech on 21st October at 2:30 pm, CST (China Standard Time).

For more information on GPPC, please visit this page.